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7 inch Color Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System 1-camera 1-monitor


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Technical Parameter:

Camera: 1/4 Inch Sharp CMOS with 6 LED
Screen Size: 7 Inch TFT (16:9 Display)
Resolution: 1440(H) x 234(V)
Power Input: AC 110V-240V 50Hz/ 60Hz
Power Output: DC 15V
Current Output: 1200MA
Delay Calling Time: 120S +/- 10%
Delay Monitoring Time: 40S +/- 10%
Valid Distance: 50M (6 x 0.65MM)
Power Consumption: Static State<0.5W, Calling<10W
Transmitting Distance of the Image: About 200M
Viewing Angle: 92 Degree
Working Temperature: -10degree C to 50 degree C
Comparative Temperature: 10%-90%(KH)

Product Features:

Aluminum alloy panel of indoor unit, fashionable and luxury.
Water and Oxidation-proof, durable aluminum alloy made outdoor station.
7 Inch Color TFT LCD. No Radiation, low power consumption and high definition.
The Camera could be turned up/down/left/right which make the definition high.
Hand-free intercom.
Electric lock-control function.
Monitor the view out of the door.
16 kinds of rings for your options.
Volume, brightness and contrast adjustment.
With switch-Adapter and 15M cable, users could install it by themselves.


Fix the mounting place on the wall by screws, then put the indoor unit into plate after it being connected with cable.
The outdoor station should be mounted at a height of 1.5M in doorway, try your best to make it avoid polarization and drench.
The intercom distance is 40CM.
If the cable is not long enough, it could be lengthened to a range of 15M-100M. You should use cable with 6 x 0.75MM2 The indoor unit's terminals such as No.1,2,3,4,5,6 should be connected to the out door station's terminals No.1,2,3,4,5,6. The terminal " 7 and 8 " of indoor unit should be connected with electric lock. It is adapted with 2 x 1.0MM2 cable.
After connecting the outdoor station with the indoor unit plug the adapter into AC power board.

Operating Instruction:

The indoor unit will display the image of the visitor when he/she press the button of outdoor station. Then the host could talk with the visitor after pressing the "talk" button. The intercom and image showing time is 120s.
It will be unlocked when you press the unlock button of indoor unit.
It will monitor the view out of the door at a frequency of 40S per time when you press the "monitor" button of indoor unit.
It could monitor and talk with the visitor when you press "monitor" and "talking" button. Press the "talking" button once again to end talking.
Adjust the brightness/contrast/volume with tuner to get best image effect.
16 kinds of rings for your option.


Do not mount the indoor unit near a location of high temperature and humidity as well as TV.
Do not touch the units with wet hand.
As to keep high definition image, use a soft cloth to wipe the camera and LCD. Any volatile, corrosive liquid and paint is prohibited.
Avoid sharp dropping or knocking the unit.
Do not put the camera under strong sunlight or the image, it will be faint.
The image will be faint due to interruption of radio wave when a automobile or a motorcycle passed.

Item Includes:

1 x 7 Inch TFT LCD Monitor
1 x 1/4 Inch Sharp Chip Security CCTV Wired CMOS Color Camera with 6 LED
1 x Adapter
1 x Mounting Plate
1 x 10 M Cable
1 x Screw Bag

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