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CCTV 12CH 2.4G Wireless AV Transmitter and Receiver Kit for Security Camera Model Airplane


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The suit have two wire: one is Audio&Video connect wire. have two red plug and two white plug, is connect receiver to the monitor or TV. Another wire is message connect wire, have 5 plug. connect camera's audio, red plug connect DC 12V,and black plug connect camera's power input jack.
Select transmitter Frequency: Change transmitter's small switch place can change transmit frequency like the following picture.
Setting the same channel with transmitter And receiver.


Should install it at the place where children cannot touch.
Please pull the transformer out when you stop using it.
Do not touch the emission antenna in case you will be burned when the transmitter is electrified.
Do not expose it at the damp place for preventing it from water or protecting people from electric shock.
Please use the transformer produced by our company. Or our company will not be in charge of any damage incurred by the product .
Our company will not be responsible for any damage incurred by your amending or dismounting without a permit.

Receiver Specifications:


Voltage: DC 7-12V
Output Current: 900mA
Video Output: 1Vp-p(FM)
Audio Output: 1Vp-p(FM)
Operation Temperature: -10 degree~+50 degree


Transmitter Specification:


Voltage: DC 12V
Output Power: 1000mw
Output Current: 900mA
Audio Output: 1Vp-p(FM)
Audio Output: 1Vp-p(FM)
Audio Carrier Ware: 5.5M 6.0M
Frequency: 2.4G/12CH
2.410G 2.430G 2.450G 2.470G
2.490G 2.510G 2.390G 2.370G
2.350G 2.330G 2.310G 2.290G

Item Includes:

1 x 2.4G Channels Wireless Receiver
1 x 12CH 1000mW Wireless AV Transmitter
1 x DC 12V Power Adaptor for Receiver
1 x Adapter for Transmitter


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