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GSM Wireless SMS MMS Home Security Burglar Alarm System Auto Dialer Talk with Infrared Camera 4pcs PIR


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Operating Voltage: DC 12V
Static Current: <=150Ma
Alarm Current: <=600mA
Sending power: (2W)/EGSM900(1W)/GSM1800 GSM1800
Wireless Receiving Frequency: 433MHz +/- 0.5MHz
Wireless Receiving Sensitivity: 433MHz +/- 0.5MHz
Anti-interference: 1V/m(frequency:20-1000) MHz
Outer Alarm siren volume: 110dB
Working condition Temperature: -10degree C to 40degree C
Humidity: <=90%


Adopt three bands, GSM 900Mhz, 1800Mhz and 1900Mhz, can alarm remotely without the limit of distance.
Support GSM Network, and English and Chinese SMS to control system and motion detecting and arm/ disarm.
Support the SD card to store pictures, and have the function of the detecting the moving objects pictures.
Support all kinds of wireless detectors and connect the wire alarming equipment.
Can store up to SD Card of 2G, which about 28,800 photos.
Can arm, disarm, monitoring and take photos through remotely
Can capture thief s photo and send to owners cell phone or email box, which provides evidence for case.
Can support the function of motion detecting with alarm.
The picture to be transmitted can be adjusted to QCIF (160x128), CIF (320x240), VGA (640x480).
Can pre-set 5 groups of alarm Phone Numbers with room No., can call the owner, town police and monitoring center.
Listen-in function: Can clearly hear the voice, the sound of footstep, dug and safebreaker.
Can make sure the safety of your home with password operation and control the alarm system by remote controllers and SMS to make it arm, disarm, listen-in and photo-taking.
Can control the switch of light, air-condition and heater or cooker with the three Output ports by mobile phone or telephone.
Control panel has three input ports, which can be connected with three wired detectors.
There is a siren port for shift between silence and siren.
Can work with all kinds of wireless detectors or sensors, such as wireless PIR Sensors, beams, gas/smoke detectors, wireless panic buttons
Support GSM900/1800/1900 MHz, three working modes switched automatically
Support PHASE 2/2+ agreement (including data business)

Item Includes:

1 x Alarm Host 
4 x wireless PIR sensor 
4 x wireless door sensor
1 x siren
2 x remote controllers
1 x camera
1 x power supply
1 x user manual

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