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HD 1080P Night Vision SPY Watch Camera DVR 16G Memory


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Infrared night vision high-definition camera watch w2000 is the world's first with infrared night vision function, digital camera, camera, recording function of the camera watch, with easy operation, small and exquisite, beautiful and practical, easy to carry the characteristics of business, education, Media, justice, tourism, health care, life and other areas of practical tools, favored by the majority of users.
● Video resolution 1920 * 1080P
● Recording frame rate of 30 frames
● Photograph pixel 4032 * 3024
● HD PC web camera function
● video, take pictures with real-time clock display
● Support for individual recording functions
● HD HD1212 lens, hardware to achieve the real HD standard
● Supports 1GB-32GB
● 72 hours IP vacuum plating, never fade. 3ATM Waterproof Standard Design
1.1 Indicator Description: Illustration B is the status indicator, where the blue light is the status indicator of the recording mode; the red light is the status indicator of the camera mode; the red and blue lights simultaneously light the individual recording mode indicator.
1.2 Button Description: The operation key (Figure A) is used to power on, off, camera, pause. The mode key (picture C) is used to switch between the recording mode, the camera mode, and the individual recording mode.
1.3 Socket Description: USB socket (Figure E), used to connect a computer or charger, is the data transmission, charging and external power supply interface.
1.4 Microphone and camera: microphone (pictured G), used to pick up the sound signal; high-definition camera (Figure H), used to pick up the image signal.
1.5 Time adjustment handle: time adjustment handle (Figure D) for adjusting the time of the watch.
Before Use:
       This product is composed of precision electronic components inside, you can touch the operation to avoid the operation to avoid damage to the button, if you can not read the disk, please pull out a little USB line out of a little red and blue lights can be connected to the computer.
       The machine has a special combination of key reset function, such as the crash situation, please hold down the A key and C key to reset the machine.
       When using the PC CAMERA function, install the supplied driver.
Recommendation: When connecting a computer, connect the data cable to the watch and connect to the computer!
1, video operation: long press A key for about 2 seconds, red and blue lights turn on the blue light flashes directly into the camera state; short press a C key, blue light flashing, that is recording, video short press twice A key, Stop recording into standby and save automatically, press again and resume recording again.
2, infrared light start / off: When the machine into the normal camera state, long press C key, red light flashes 3 times, this time the machine has entered the infrared camera status. At this time short press C key once, blue light flashing three times. Infrared light turns off into normal camera status.
3, take pictures: When the machine into the camera state, short press A key twice, the blue light is always in the standby state, then press the C key, select the light is red, short press A key 1 red light flashing Once, that took a picture and successfully saved.
4, a separate recording operation: When the machine into the camera state, short press A key twice, the blue light is always in the standby state, then press the C key, select the light red and blue state, short press A key 1 , Red and blue lights flashing began to flash alternately, that at this time has entered a separate recording state.
5, charging: connect the computer USB device or charger, you can charge the camera, when the battery is charged, the red light is always bright, when the battery is fully charged, the red and blue lights long bright.
Note: The camera built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery, no memory effect, can be used with the charge, but the first use of the first five times, please use the battery after charging to saturation to start the maximum battery capacity, access to standard working hours The
6, the network camera: in the machine off the state through the USB cable and computer good connection, in my computer appears "removable hard disk" drive letter, the machine as a U disk to use. In the machine boot state through the USB cable and computer good connection, then my computer will appear Standard Camera, the machine as a web camera.
Another: According to the computer configuration or system differences, the computer does not necessarily be able to detect the camera function, if accidental computer can not enter the camera function into the removable disk, please remove the camera, and the camera after the machine to re-connect the computer; You are the first time you use the camera on your computer computer camera function, please install the CD-ROM or the dealer to provide the camera driver; in order to avoid damage to the equipment, when you are ready to connect the device to the computer, please first random The attached data cable is connected to the camera, and the other end of the data cable is connected to the computer.
7, set the recording time: the camera provides a video file to display the recording time function, the format is: year - month - day: minutes: seconds, set the time as follows: in the machine off the state through the USB cable and computer good connection , My computer appears "removable hard drive" drive letter. Open the Windows software attachment in the WordPad or Notepad (* .txt format) Enter: 2012-07-07 12:59:30 Take the file name: time.txt Save the file in the root directory of the removable hard drive, cut off USB cable connection, and then boot video, video and camera the lower right corner of the time is the newly modified time and date.
8, mobile disk: in the shutdown state or standby state, you can connect the computer, this time, the computer will pop up removable disk logo, image file save directory: * disk _DCIM100DSCIM; need to uninstall the camera, click the taskbar The lower right corner of the mobile device management icon, in which to uninstall the removable storage device, to be confirmed after the system can safely pull out the hardware, and then disconnect the camera and computer connection.

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