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Intelligent Home Security Wireless GSM 900/1800Mhz PIR Sensor Alarm System Auto Dialer Talk


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The alarm system adopts SMS data transmission and voice platform of GSM network to send control command and receive alarm message remotely. The system can be armed according to users requirements, when a signal is detected by sensors, the sensors will send alarm signal to alarm host immediately, then the alarm host will send alarm SMS to pre-set mobile phone numbers, and meanwhile dials its preset telephone/mobile phone numbers automatically. In addition, user can dial the number in the alarm host to remote control the host, such as arm, disarm etc.


Whether send SMS or not when arm/disarm;
Arm/disarm remotely by phone keypad;
Automatically send SMS to 3 preset phone numbers while alarming;
Automatically call 3 preset phone numbers and start on-site listen in while alarming;
Real-time report the alarm zone remotely by SMS and voice reminding;
With user-friendly voice reminder while operating the alarm host;
Support two-way communications;
Built-in dedicated emergency alarm zone and fire alarm zone;
Automatically report while the AC power failed or recovered and switch to backup battery when the external power failure;
Built-in 12 wireless alarm zones ( including 1 emergency zone and 1fire alarm zone), and 2 wired zones (with anti-cut function);


Wireless frequency: 315MHz/433MHz;
GSM frequency: 900/1800MHz(standard)
Alarm response time: <8s (GSM signal in normal)
Power requirements: AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Working consumption: < 0.6W
Backup battery: DC7.4V/850MA
Backup battery working hours: >10 hours
Working condition: temperature: -20~+60 degree 
humidity: <95% (non-condensation)
Size: 150mm(L) x 100mm(W) x 16mm(H)
Record time: 10s

Item Includes:

1 x Alarm host (main unit)
1 x Wireless door/window magnetic contact
1 x PIR sensor
2 x remote controllers
1 x siren(More than 110DB)
1x AC adapter
1x English user manual

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