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Newest 4 Sensors Car Reversing Parking Radar Alarm System Kit


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This Parking Sensor notifiess the driver of the distance and the position of obstacles by means of an acoustic beep and visual display, to make reverse manoeuvres safer. The system will work automatically, when the reverse gear is engaged. The sensors work on cutting-edge ultrasonic detection technology and have been specially designed to blend in perfectly with your vehicle bumper


Automatic activation when the reverse gear is chosen
Clearly visible display indicates the direction and the distance of obstacles
Integrated beeper for immediate alert
Easy-to install, does not require maintenance
Does not run on battery power when the vehicle is parked and the engine switched of
Type approved in conformity with European regulations on electromagnetic compatibility


Supply voltage: 10.5V-15V
Current consumption: 200mA max
Working temperature: -20 to 65 degree C
Storage temperature: -35 to 85 degree C
Obstacle detection: from 150cm from the bumper
Reliability over time: satisfies the strictest automotive standards

Item Includes:

1 x Command Module
4 x Ultrasonic Sensors
1 x Acoustic Indicator
1 x Power Supply Cable
1 x Hole Borer
1 x Accessory Kit
1 x Instruction Manual

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